Natural stone

Natural stone for many centuries, from ancient times to the present time is the building material for small shacks, and for the monumental, and the magnificent buildings and palaces. Stone has always been the standard of reliability, durability and beauty.

 And quite enough to think that time has not changed the attitude towards natural stone, but on the contrary, only heightened the effect of monumentality, of luxury and elegance, which can give in our time this material. The methods of construction only have changed, along with a natural stone acquired its modern  shape in the form of separate tiles and slabs.

 And the same time beneficial and excellent acquisition for the exterior and interior decoration of any cottage, office or building will be an absolute novelty in the market of natural decorating materials - a tile and slabs made of slate and quartzite, which we have combined under the brand ecoSlate. The unique structure and properties of these stones make it possible do absolutely unique exterior cladding of the roof and walls, as well as create magnificent fireplaces and separate elements of decor. If add to this are made of translucent onyx countertops and stained glasses, and inlaid of marble, basalt, or travertine floors, stairs and walls, it is possible to satisfy the most high demands of designers for finish of the elite offices, nonresidential premises, representative offices and buildings.

 Or you may simply using all the splendor and variety of environmentally friendly natural stones to create a comfortable, pleasant and warm atmosphere in your own home, using the talents and skills of the designer and architect, applying to our company.

 The site presents the whole range of colors, shades and factures of natural stones, as well as photos of interiors with their use. You can learn all about natural stone and its application. Designers and architects will find mass of useful information about the laying of stone, especially the use, types of treatment, and the new, prospective materials made of natural stone. Call to us and you get professional advice from our experts. We also help you find exactly the stone that suits your decor, and will please you more than a dozen years. You can buy the very best conditions, only high quality and unique material. Piece of our soul we will give you a gift.